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A three-piece set that renews skin tone and texture. Using exfoliation as well as calming and hydrating ingredients, the trio work together to visibly smooth and illuminate your skin.

  • Reduces appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pore size
  • Promotes a smoother-feeling skin tone and texture with botanical extracts and salicylic acid
  • Antioxidants defend skin against environmental stress

Active Glow Collection

SKU: 671253175371
  • Includes:

    • Cleansing Complex (2.0 fl oz)
    • Active Peel System Step 1 & Step 2 (3 Treatments)
    • Active Serum (0.5 fl oz)


  • Cleansing Complex: Morning and evening, apply a small amount of Cleansing Complex to the palm of hand and massage cleanser over face and neck. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

    Active Peel System: Recommended for use every other day, preferably in the evening. After cleansing, apply Step 1 over entire face and neck; leave on for three minutes (do not rinse), then apply Step 2 over same area, and leave on.

    Active Serum: In the evening, apply 3-4 drops to the palm of hand. Using fingertips, dab and smooth evenly over face and neck.

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